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Toni May

Delphi Oyster Turquoise Ring

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This ring is a Size 8 (Large)
Please enquire with us if you wish to order a bigger or smaller size.


The Delphi Oyster Turquoise ring features a stunning Oyster Turquoise stone set in a brass bezel. This ring uses mixed metals with a sterling silver band and silver ball detailing. 

Oyster Turquoise is created with real oyster shell fused with natural turquoise stone which gives each stone a unique beautiful pattern of earthy browns/oranges and sandy colouring of the oyster contrasted with bright blue/greens of the turquoise. No two stones are alike and stones will have a mixture of blues/greens and earthy tones.


  • Sterling SIlver 925 
  • Brass Bezel
  • Natural Dendrite 
  • Brass will develop natural patina over time